Maintenance & Advice - Jewelry

MANIPOLARE jewelry are made with care and passion from design to production. For this reason, we want you to care about our jewelry as much as we do. We therefore invite you to follow these simple maintenance instructions.

To prevent oxidation, keep your silver jewellery in a cool and dry place, stored in an acid-free tissue. It’s important to keep jewelry made of mixed and/or different materials in individual boxes or soft porches because the long lasting contact between them can cause tarnishing and scratches.

Try not to wear silver jewelry when you get in contact with household cleaners, body lotions and perfumes, because the leftovers of these substances can seriously damage silver after frequent exposure.

Wash your jewelry in warm water with neutral soap using a soft bristle for intricate details (dry them carefully because humidity brings oxidation). Never use abrasive liquid or abrasive brushes to clean the jewelry.

Should this not suffice, we recommend that you contact your jeweller for a periodic professional cleaning of your jewelry, which is always a good idea to plan for in any case.

Maintenance & Advice - Watches

MANIPOLARE watches are made with care and passion from design to production. For this reason, we want you to care about our watches as much as we do. We therefore invite you to follow simple maintenance instructions that will guarantee the proper and lasting functioning of MANIPOLARE watches. After reading the instructions carefully you will have obtained all the necessary information for taking the best care of your watch and strap.

First use:
Unbox the watch and remove the protective covers. To activate the watch, remove the plastic protective part from the crown, and push the crown against the case. The second hand will start to move.

Make sure the watch is completely dry. For setting the time it is necessary to slowly pull out the crown completely. Turn the crown clockwise or anticlockwise until the hands show the desired time. Push the crown against the case.

In order to prevent your watch from stopping due to battery running out, it is advisable to change the battery every two years. If the battery remains inside the watch for several years, there may be an acid leak.
If the battery runs out, replace it as soon as possible in order to avoid malfunctions. In order to preserve waterproofness, it is recommended to have the battery replaced in a specialized service center to guarantee the correct screwing of the caseback and the correct handling of the case and seal.

A significant change in temperature may cause condensation under the glass of your watch. This usually disappears by itself without compromising the proper functioning of the watch. In case condensation persists, please send an email to


As indicated in the back of the case, the watch is “Water Resistant 100m”, which means that the watch is designed and manufactured in order to be water resistant, so it can be used in the rain, in the shower or bath, when swimming and when diving below a certain depth. The “Water Resistant 100m” indication shall, in any case, be considered nominal and does not correspond to the effective depth of immersions since the movement of the arms required for swimming increases the pressure exerted on the watch at a certain depth. During the warranty period, the following restrictions apply:
– Do not wear the watch when deep diving;
– Do not extract the crown if the watch is wet;
– Do not wear the watch when taking dives;
– Do not wear the watch in saunas or Turkish baths;
– Do not wear the watch while showering or taking a bath in high-temperature water since such conditions can adversely affect the integrity of the seals. If the watch is left in warm water for an extended period of time, it might cause delay or anticipation of the indicated time. However, this will no longer be the case when the watch returns to room temperature. It is highly recommended to use the watch according to the specified waterproofness properties. In order to protect movement against moisture, check that the crown is always pushed against the case, especially after adjusting the time. After contact with sea water, it is recommended to wash the watch with fresh water and to dry it with a soft cloth. Waterproofness is not a permanent condition. Rubber seals protecting the watch from water and dust are constantly under pressure and may wear out with time. For this reason, after two years of purchase, it is recommend to occasionally have the watch checked at a specialized service center. In case waterproofness is compromised or condensation persists, email us as soon as possible at

The watch is negatively affected by strong magnetism so keep the watch away from magnetic devices.

Do not use solvents (alcohol or fuel), mercury (broken thermometers), cosmetic sprays, detergents, stickers or dyes, as these may cause discolouration, wearing or damage to the case and/or other parts of the watch.

Leather straps are delicate and sensitive since leather is a fine material, and every strap will be different in terms of appearance and texture. Furthermore, attention should be paid so as not to expose leather products to moisture as this may damage the product. It should also be noted that despite you taking care of your watch, leather is an organic material, subject to wear, and its color tends to fade naturally.

The watch is hand-assembled and hand-finished, therefore small imperfections may be present. Such irregularities shall not be considered flaws, but characteristics that make every watch unique and authentic.

In order to preserve the beauty of your watch and to ensure correct functioning over time it is recommended you clean it regularly according to the following instructions:
– Make sure the crown is always pushed against the case;
– Clean the case with a soft cloth and cold soapy water paying attention not to get the strap wet. Afterwards, dry the watch with a soft and dry cloth;
– For cleaning the spaces in between, use a soft and wet toothbrush;
– Washing the leather strap is not recommended, instead, clean it with a dry soft cloth;
– Before cleaning Nato strap, detach it from the watch and then rub it softly with soapy water using a soft cloth;
– Avoid contact with chemicals (solvents, detergents, cosmetics etc.) that may damage finishing, seals, strap and the watch in general;
– It is advisable to clean the case regularly using a soft and dry cloth in order to prevent damage to finishing, due to dust, moist and sweat.